Welcome to Joey's Go Class

Joey Hung 8 dan offers online Go lessons as joeyhung on KGS/IGS. Joey has 17 years local Go teaching experience and taught over 1,000 students in SF Bay Area, USA. Why Teach Your kids Go?

Online Personal Go Lessons

First Go lesson consists of playing a serious game with Joey and then analysis using skype.

Subsequent Go lessons involve personalized and customerized strategy for the particular student.

Joey specializes in identifying a student's sticking points and will assign relative exercises to help the student improve rapidly.

During the class, Joey will explain from the whole game perspective as well as detailing the reasoning and variations behind each move. Students are encouraged to engage in active listening and constructive questioning.

Joey believes Anyone can achieve a high dan status on KGS/IGS/AGA if he/she puts in enough effort!

Online Go Lesson Payment

Preferred payment method: Paypal. Email me at egogames at yahoo[dot]com for details. Please make sure your paypal is linked to your bank account. Otherwise, paypal will charge me extra transaction fees of as much as 2.9%. Student will be responsible for this extra fee.

Scheduled lesson cancellation and reschedule rule

Student is responsible to notify Joey 24 hours ahead of scheduled lesson time for cancellation or rescheduling. If the student fails to notify Joey and didn't show up during the scheduled time, the missing lesson will still be charged.

Live Go Lesson

Joey Hung 8 dan's Go Bio

American Go Association E-go journal kifu commenter.

Taught two students who become USA youth Go representatives for World Youth Go Tournament.

Joey's recent accomplishments

    2009 - IGS PandaNet Rank Tournament (1d-10d) Champion
    2008 - Represent USA for 1st World Mind Sports Game in Beijing
    2008 - North California Go Tournament Champion
    2005 - US pair Go Champion
    2003 - North America Ing Invitational Goe Tournament Champion
    1992 - 4th place for World Youth Ing Go Tournament

Posted on Jan 20, 2010 by Joey Hung